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Mr GSK Guptha is the founder of TesPro Technologies, is a post graduate in computer sciences and has been actively associated with IT corporate’s for well over a decade before the establishment of TesPro Technologies...

 He has 15+ Years of Exp. in Software Testing  & Cloud Computing (Real Time Exp + Training Exp.). As a Trainer he handled more than 150+ batches including Corporate Trainings (like Wipro, BankOfAmerica, Calydon, BahwanCyberTek, EyeOpen Technologies, Fidelity ,….etc.,) + Online Trainings + Class Room Trainings....
Mr.Guptha is very ambitious, inspirational, passionate to make a difference to student community in imparting skills.

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“TesPro Technologies” is a talent enabling companywith a theme ‘Your Career Our Goal’. The objective is to coach and mentor Gen-Yproactively to jump-start a successful professional career.

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Mission: Toeffectively bridge the gap in talent requirement by imparting training andimproving the employability of fresh graduates and reskilling / up-skilling theunemployed IT professional.

Our programs are offered on a two-year, full-time basis. We continually audit our curriculum to ensure we always provide industry-standard knowledge.


Mission:  To build a smarter" NELLORE "by empowering professionals through training….

About TesPro Technologies[Institute Of Software Testing & Cloud ComputingTechnologies...]

IT Training is one area where TesPro Technologies excels since 2 Months. TesPro Technologies is situated in Nellore city, Andhra Pradesh District on September1st 2017. Quality is the sole keystone around which the success of TesPro has been built.  TesPro holds a significant role when it comes to Training & Placement Assistance. With certified trainers and faculty members having rich knowledge and experience in the areas of training & development, TesPro Technologies plays a vital role in moulding careers for lot of students who has undergone training successfully.

In order to meet the manpower requirement across IT Industry, TesPro Technologies foster great value to inculcate qualities of the Right Knowledge, Communication Skills and Aptitude through practical training to the students. It strives for the betterment of the trainees. TesPro Technologies[Institute Of Software Testing & Cloud Computing] know the real time work would be very different and challenging, according to that it tries best to bridge the gap between training and the real time world. TesPro Technologies is purely service based company and training cost is very reasonable like Hyderabad. Because TesPro want to develop Nellore city as one of the educational city. It won’t provide any job guarantee but it provides subject confident to all the students. There will be job assistance to each and every student. 

About the Trainer?

Education is our future. Let's work together.
We encourage student growth and engagement through Class Room Practical Oriented Training.

Vision: Enablethe individual to succeed in a career in Verification and Validation Servicesdomain.


“TesPro Technologies” is governed by a set of core values givenbelow. Those are aimed at touching young minds during the process of makingthem industry ready. We wanted to instill a culture that absorbs these corevalues and be successful in all their endeavors.

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